Audiograft Festival

The launch of annual Audiograft Festival is taking place tonight at Oxford Brookes University and I am very excited about what this fortnight of new experimental music, sound art events and exhibitions will be offering up in venues across Oxford.

Audiograft is curated by the Sonic Art Research Unit (SARU) at Oxford Brookes University and co-promoted by OCM. OCM have tipped me off that the ZIMOUN exhibition at OVADA is going to be particularly good, and I’m looking forwards to donning a pair of headphones and setting off to explore Christina Kubisch’s electrical walk. Check out this video introducing her walks…


New exhibition space, Glass Tank Gallery, (Gipsy Lane, OX3 0BP) will be presenting work by Christina Kubisch, Gordon Monahan and Charlotte Heffernan from 12 to 28 March, Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm… and I’m really rather excited about this!