Sarah Frances Mayhew Craddock
Sarah Mayhew Craddock is a practicing Artist, an Art Critic, and an Arts Consultant specialising in cultural event co-ordination and communication with substantial experience curating public engagement programmes involving event management, promotion, and cultural development.

Since graduating from art school Mayhew Craddock has worked as a curator and art critic, and has also been involved in programming, producing, and promoting events and festivals across the arts. The Worth a Look page is sporadically updated to highlight some of the interesting activity that she stumbles across, and thinks might be of interest to others.

Mayhew Craddock’s art practice and freelance work share much common ground, in that they are largely concerned with the psychology of space, the way in which people move around space, consciously or otherwise, and interact and engage with their environment within that space. She is interested in pathways, the decision-making process, audience development, motivation, levels of engagement, and perception.

Just as Mayhew Craddock’s art practice is not media specific (but generally takes the form of large-scale, physical installations) nor is her freelance career fixed in the museum, a performance space, a festival field, commercial site, or site-specific spaces, more it requires audiences to enter into a very specifically designed and curated experience.

Whilst Mayhew Craddock’s art practice has taken a back-seat over the last few years, never has the passion flown far from her daily thoughts. Mayhew Craddock is making work again, looking for exhibition opportunities, and hoping to design and deliver Public Art to locate in the public realm as part of urban regeneration schemes… so please feel free to make contact.