Mirrors in art

A lot of people I know seem to be migrating back to their homeland / escaping to the country right now, as I have recently done. The majority of these people are in their early 30s, as I am, and are making the move for a better quality of life because their circumstances have changed; namely they need more internal and external space and feel the urge to reconnect with nature in some way, and for some reason. 

This has got me thinking about the profound, inescapable effect that the great outdoors has had on so many people that I know in their early life. It’s got me thinking about the intrinsic link between mental and physical wellbeing and landscape, and how we are reflected in the landscape that we hold dear to us, and it is reflected in us in some way. This has got me thinking about the use of mirrors in art… and has prompted me to get me some mirror to experiment with – more on that soon.