ART & MONEY – where’s the CHANGE?

“Let’s get real, be imaginative, and come up with strategies… if we value arts and culture more then we’ll have more revenue streams – that’s a task for all of us!”
Sir Peter Bazalgette

Sir Peter Bazalgette is chair of Arts Council England and former chair of English National Opera. He has raised funds for arts and media organisations, notably as chair of The Crossness Engines Trust (a steam museum) and as deputy chair of The National Film and Television School.

Old Fire Station Blog

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On 16th April 2015, artists, cultural organisations, funders, investors and entrepreneurs gathered at the Old Fire Station to debate.

The meeting was part of Marmalade at the Old Fire Station which took place over five days, featuring 76 events and over 1,600 attendances.

Our question was this:

Art needs to be more inclusive, more commercial and have more social impact.
With less money. 

So how does that work?

Jeremy Spafford, Director of Arts at the Old Fire Station, gave the venue’s perspective. Bryony Kimmings – the artist famous for Fake It ‘Til You Make It and Credible Likeable Superstar Role Model and also responsible for kickstarting I’ll Show You Mine with her blog about money – presented the artist’s perspective. Sir Peter Bazalgette – chair of Arts Council England – offered the funder’s perspective.

Intrigued? Read our report of what happened on the day, and some of the conclusions we drew:

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