Hyper-real Landscapes

I was just discussing how invisible my large pregnancy bump appears to be to the vast majority of the population. This led to a conversation about whether modern day society is made up of people lacking in good manners (I sound so old), or if modern day society is made up of people so consumed by themselves and their man-made distractions, namely their phones (she says, writing this from a smart phone), that they are simply blind to the world around them.

Either way, it was interesting to consider the thick blanket of fog that covered pretty much the entire UK this morning. A friend took this fabulous photo looking east off London Bridge this morning…


I love that, in such a dense urban environment, so much ‘everything’ is shrouded by nature presenting us with so much ‘nothing’.

It made me consider hyper-real environments, what we need to do to make that modern day society sit up and smell the coffee; that is, become alert to the wonders that surround them on a daily basis. Then another friend posted this image on Facebook…


Perhaps we’re all thinking the same thing!?